In the past we’ve sent our employees to an outside training program where they were required to lose a day from work.

Through Forklift Certification Online we were able to get our employees forklift certified online quickly and saved money with the corporate discount.
Manny P. – Pittsburgh, PA. CEO of an international logistics corporation.


  1. Is this online forklift certification training OSHA compliant?
    Yes. Our forklift certification online training and test is OSHA compliant.

  2. Will this online program supply me with the proper training I need to pass the online test?
    Yes. Included in your purchase is an OSHA compliant training course to be reviewed online. This training course has all of the information needed to answer the questions on our online exam.

  3. Is there a time limit to your online training and test?
    No. You can take the training course online and submit your test for review at any time that works for you.

  4. If I do not know how to drive a forklift at all, can I still take your online training and test?
    Yes. However, our forklift training and exams do not teach you how to drive a forklift. They are designed for individuals that already have knowledge of driving a forklift. In addition to our program, you must also take a training class in which you will learn how to drive a forklift if you do not already know how to.

  5. If I’m not satisfied with your online program, can I get a refund?
    Yes. Refunds will be processed to any individual that requests a refund prior to taking our online certification test and submitting it to our staff members for review.

  6. Can I get my forklift certification through your online program if I have a bad driving record?
    Yes. There is no restriction to getting your forklift certification while having a bad driving record. Our forklift certification is an overall regulatory safety training for operating a forklift.

  7. Is this forklift certification valid in all 50 states of the U.S.?
    Yes. Our Forklift training and certification is valid throughout the USA as well as Canada or any other country that uses OSHA regulations to govern forklift safety training.

  8. Do I still need to go somewhere in person to get my forklift certification after completing your online program?
    No. Once you complete our online training course and pass our online test, you will receive your certification card and your training is complete, so long as you have prior knowledge on how to drive a forklift.

  9. How quickly will I receive my wallet certification card?
    Immediately. Once you pass the online test, you will have the opportunity to print your own certificate of achievement. This digital certificate card can be used as a temporary document while you are waiting for your hard copy wallet card.

  10. What types of power industrial trucks does your online program apply to?
    • High lift trucks
    • Counterbalanced trucks
    • Cantilevered trucks
    • Rider trucks
    • Single side loader rider trucks
    • High lift order picker rider trucks
    • Motorized hand/rider trucks
    • Rough terrain truck
    • Forklift trucks
    • High lift platform trucks
    • Low lift trucks
    • Low lift platform trucks
    • Motorized hand trucks
    • Pallet trucks
    • Narrow aisle rider trucks
    • Straddle trucks
    • Reach rider trucks

  11. Can I receive a discount if I purchase more than one certification package?
    Yes. We offer generous discounts up to 30% depending on the amount of certification packages you purchase.